Community Clean-up

We were proud to participate in the Greensburg Keep it a Cleansburg Event. During this event, locals from Decatur County gather on the courthouse lawn to be directed by Ms. Ellie Burkahrt. Individuals, families, and businesses pick up trash, plant flowers, and more. The event has grown to cover more than just the downtown area, but all of Decatur County. For more information on this event, check out this article written by the Greensburg Daily News.

Our crew focuses on the downtown businesses. The past few years we have cleaned all the storefronts facing the courthouse. Man does it make our downtown shine! We get phone calls and compliments on how great they look. Some people even want to know what we use (dish soap and water in case you are curious!).

If you know of an event in one of our service areas that we could help out with, please let us know. We love to help out our communities.