Charity's Story

In my twenties I found a lump in my breast. Due to my family's long history of breast cancer, I made a note and waited a month, rechecked to find it larger. I called my doctor who said I should have a mammogram right away due to my family history. With no insurance and no money, I called several places to try to get it done. Most places said they had grants for those over 35 or 40, but I wasn't even 30 so they couldn't help. Weeks went by. Finally Dr. Hatcher called Margaret Mary Community Hospital in Batesville. My mammogram was quickly scheduled, followed immediately by ultrasound. And there it was. I was referred to a surgeon who wanted to do surgery in Decatur County because that was where I lived. The whole process took months. The whole time I was scared. In the end, I never saw a bill from Margaret Mary and Decatur County Memorial Hospital sent a bill but was followed up with a call saying that it was covered by the " Charity Care Program". The only bill I paid was the surgeon, and even that was discounted.


My goal now is to help as many people- women, men, and children alike- to never have to wait that long or question if they can afford to get the much needed care. My little cousin was 16 the first time she found a lump. SIXTEEN! That is just a baby. Cancer does not discriminate!

Each year my family and I participate in fund raisers to help find a cure and to provide treatment for those who may be in the same shoes I was. We wear funny hats and have fun, but this is a very serious issue. Please do monthly self-exams. If something feels off, get it checked. Call your doctor right away. If you don't have a doctor, reach out to your local hospital. Ask about the Charity Care Program. There is help for you. If I can help you, call me!

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We also encourage you to read about Cancer Facts.