You can call us window cleaners or call us window washers

....just CALL US.

Don't want to talk?

We want you to be comfortable in the way you receive an estimate for your job. Window cleaning (or window washing if you are from the southern part of the state) can feel intrusive if you don't trust the company you are dealing with. Your technician will always be in uniform and in a marked vehicle. If you prefer to have a female, we have you covered! Logan and Charity are the owners and she too cleans windows, just less often than the guys.

Owners, Charity and Logan Wilder
Crystal Clear Window Cleaning offers proven results using the newest technology. You will love the level of service and professionalism.

We offer traditional window cleaning along with scratch repair, hard water stain removal, and even pure water cleaning. Ask us what is best for your job.

Crystal Clear Window Cleaning offers FREE ESTIMATES! Call 812.212.8953 or text 812.593.5894 for a free quote.